The Normal Stuff of Legends
Natalie. 17. USA. "Oh well look at you, tiny Nat, barbies shoes nat, little kid potter, traversing the grass for interyard travels to ant hills. Not everyone inherited enough money to buy out Polly pocket when their parents died."-Becca This is the place I used to list my fandoms and obsessions. It was getting a little out of hand. I like a lot of things.  Saved. No survivors.

Now that you guys have connected to my vision here, perhaps we can revisit the flowers?

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Alison Hendrix in 2x01 Registered & Protected


peter parker’s job is literally selling his selfies to the daily bugle Registered & Protected


Whoever decided that Kate Beckett would be bad at acting….. I applaud you. Registered & Protected

Castle meme: Caskett + Undercover

What’s the matter, Castle? You afraid of a little role play? Registered & Protected


when someone asks me about my plans for the future

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What about you? Are you sorry that you ever wrote “Heat Wave”?

Stupid idiots in love. Registered & Protected


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